What is a Living Lab?

We have created a platform where you, the Adventurer and you, the Tourtist Service provider can now let others know of the beauties that you have encountered in Gorenjska, Slovenia, or can offer tourists a proper guided tour or other touristical offers.

This web site is constructed in a LIVING LAB concept. This means that all you participants can now freely interact with each other. If you – the Tourist or Adventurer – has found an amazing attraction that has not yet been sufficiently covered by a Tourist Service Provider, feel free to let them know and tell them what you'd like they had on offer.

A Living Lab is an environment in which researchers, developers and users cooperate to create a product, service or solution according to the needs of users and try it out in its' natural environment. Environment may be a city, a region in the country, an industry, a supply chain, the state (www.slovenianlivinglab.org).

A Living Lab is a real-life test and experimentation environment where users and producers co-create innovations. Living Labs have been characterised by the European Commission as Public-Private-People Partnerships (PPPP) for user-driven open innovation. A Living Lab employs four main activities:

  • Co-Creation: co-design by users and producers
  • Exploration: discovering emerging usages, behaviours and market opportunities
  • Experimentation: implementing live scenarios within communities of users

(Source: www.openlivinglabs.eu)

In this living laboratory for sustainable development of tourist services we’ve included:

  • Tourists
  • Tourist Service Providers,
  • Researchers from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor
  • Developers of the web portal